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Birthdate:Sep 16
Location:Maryland, United States of America
I love.

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a little night music, b-movie drinking games, bass, being a dinosaur, bejeweled, beth leavel, cartoons, color and light, comedy, comically oversized things, company, computer science, countess charlotte malcolm, decorative cakes, documentaries and mockumentaries, doodling, drama, evita, fabulousness, flashcards, forensic psychology, gay marshall's hats, graphic design, gypsy, house m.d., house&stacy's curry love, huddy, ice cream, improv, infomercials, janet from three's company, late-night showers, laughing, laura bennett, making references to musicals, margaritas, medium, miniature things, music, musical theatre, naps, not-so-secretly loving alw musicals, patricia elliott, patti lupone, paula abdul dance parties, perfect years, phantom, polka dots, project runway marathons, pugs, pushing daisies, rainbows, raoul/christine, reading, ringing them bells, rubberface!anthony, school and office supplies, scoffing, shoot! win!, sondheim, sondheim women, stickers, stop-motion animation, sunset boulevard, sweeney todd, teenage mutant ninja[awkward]turtles, text twist, the drowsy chaperone, the wizard of oz, theatre, trompe l'oeil, useless trivia, weeds, whistling, wicked, windy days, words ending in -ly, writing
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